Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Friends & Family,

Our little Travyn, about 3 days ago began to acquire a couple things that made him uncomfortable. Whitney called Trays Primary Oncologist and had an MRI scheduled for today the 28th. Results showed that Travyn has accumulated an undetermind growth around the brain stem area. Biopsy is not an option. First and best diagnosis would be an Infection that we could treat with an Antibiotic. However, the Doctors feel like this is not the problem. Second Diagnosis could be a dead cell build up called "Nucroatias". Radiation Treatments can cause this and can be treated with a very strong Steroid called "Dexamethasone" to reduce the growth and relieve the pressure that is on Tarvyn's Brain Stem, which is causing exchruseating pain. The Doctors are going ahead with the steroid and have admitted Tray for the next few days to get Travyn's pain undercontrol and to get this process started. Then Mom and Son will go home and keep the meds going til the next MRI in 3 weeks. We feel in our hearts this growth will be gone or at least in control. The last and possible diagnosis would be that the Tumor has started to grow back. God forbid this!!! But if so, Travyn with his family by his side will be in for the toughest battle we've encountered yet.


THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT!!! Whitney and Travyn could not have done this without you!!!

Much Love,
The Sinclair Family

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What a GREAT year but ROUGH!!!!
Posted 2 days ago
Hey everyone, I have some good news......WE ARE HOME!!! and Travyn is doing great!!! He is a different little boy since we have been home from the hospital. Seriously, I believe he knows that he is home and thats why he is doing so well. Thanks to all the prayers!!!
Travyn's 1st birthday was yesterday and what a great Birthday it was! We were sent home from the hospital by noon so we had the whole day to celebrate. We just had a little family Birthday party because Tray cant be around big crowds and such for 3 months. (Doctors orders) It was alot of fun, and Tray just loved to rip the wrapping paper. I think he just loved the sound of the paper ripping. Anyway, Can I just say, WOW! what a rollar coaster of a year this has been!!!!! It has been the BEST and WORST year at the same time.BEST- Because my beautiful baby boy was born and he changed my life forever. Travyn has completley made me a better person and he has helped me get to know myself better. He has helped me realize that its not just about me and that I live for someone else now. I absoulutley LOVE being a Mom and I wouldnt trade it for the world. WORST- Because when Travyn was only 4 months old, he was diagnosed with a life threating disease. My world came crashing down into a million little pieces and my heart was broken. I thought I was never going to make through to the next day. It was bad!!! I honestly dont like to say WORST because this trial has taught me so much and I wouldnt be who I am today if it wasnt for this hardship. I love who I am today and what we have been through has made ME so strong. My son and I are so close and our bond is unbreakable. Travyn is my best friend and I love him with all my heart.
But, as for now Travyn is progressing and healing very well from his 5 cycles of intense Chemotherapy, 28 sessions of radiation and his 3 stem-cell replacments. He is a FIGHTER and MY HERO!!!! We love Travyn and we couldnt be more proud of him........HE DID IT!!!! WE ARE DONE!!!now, we just need to pray pray pray that his MRI scan that they will be doing in 100 days will look fantastic and be clean and clear. I know that 100 days to wait until we see that my son is CANCER FREE seems like forever. but it will fly by.....the chemo is still doing its job and will until we do the MRI. :)
I just want to thank all of you for the prayers that have been offered in our behalf. I know I've said it so many times but THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT AND YOUR NEEDED PRAYERS!!!!
love you all,Whitney

Monday, August 24, 2009

Last and Final cycles
Posted 16 hours ago
Well it's Sunday afternoon and we've been back at the hospital since Friday for our last and final chemo cycle and last and final stem cell replacement. Can you hardly believe it? I can't! We are nearing the finish line for good. I'm sorry i haven't written before now but I haven't had a spare moment. My little bugger is taking a napper so I thought I would try to hurry and fit one in. So this is where we are at. He began chemo on Friday shortly after we got admitted. It is the exact same chemo as the last two cycles.He had another dose on Saturday and today is his rest day. You would never know today is suppose to be his rest day. He has not stopped going.All he wants to do is play play and more play. Oh, and dance for ahma. It is so funny! As soon as music comes on they immediatley look at each other and they both start dancing. I love to see my little boy so happy but I do know the effects of chemo are soon to come. I don't even want to say that but i know it's reality.I know if I just stay positive and turn everything over to God he will take care of us.Well my litle buggers just woke up and needs a bath!
Please keep my precious little boy in your thoughts and prayers that theday will come that they will announce "YOUR LITTLE BOY IS CANCER FREE!"We love you all so much!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Home Sweet Home!!!
Posted Aug 15, 2009 11:13pm
We made it home everybody and boy does it feel good!!!!!!!!!! The Bone Marrow Doctors were so impressed with how fast Travyn was in and then out of the hospital. Travyn pulled through this cycle with flying colors. No infections, No complications, just the expected nausea and vomiting that comes with the territory of Chemotherapy. Just liked we prayed for. We are so proud of our little bugger and I wish he could see how everyone including the Doctors and Nurses are so proud too. He just looks at me like "Mom, whats all the big fuss about??" But dont get me wrong, Travyn has his good days and his BAD days, and for me it is a rollar coaster ride I have never been on. But, it's almost over and I am ready to get off the ride...... I believe there is nothing harder then to watch your sweet baby battle such a horrible disease and I use to ask "Why me??" but all that would do is take me down into deeper despair. But, when I stopped asking "Why me?" and asking myself "What am I suppose to learn from this?" now im starting to somewhat understand why God has dealt me this hand. I know that might sound weird but what I have learned form this and the blessing that I have received are beyond belief. I once heard a saying that "BEAUTIFUL GIFTS COME IN UGLY PACKAGES" I wouldnt wish this trial on any Mother but there has been so much good come out of this and I have grown so much!!!! We all think to ourselves "Oh, that would never happen to me" or "My kid would never ________" and to be honest thats what I thought. But the rug was pulled right from underneath me and I woke up. Just when you think things couldnt be better, you hear the most devastating news of your life. It either makes you or breaks you!!!!! But with the power of our Heavenly Father for he will not give you too much that you cant handle. And as for Travyn, I believe God doesnt let these precious little babies suffer too much...Our almighty God is on our side and I know that my family is closer to him then we ever have been, and our familes bond is stronger then it ever has been. Its unbreakable!!!!!!! Words cant express how much I love my family and I would do ANYTHING for them because they have done everything for me and they continue to fight this battle right along with us. My family ROCKS!!!!
More about Travyn, we are home for 1 week and then on Friday we go back in for his LAST AND FINAL CYCLE OF CHEMOTHERPAY AND 3RD STEM-CELL REPLACMENT!!! as I am writing this the tears are starting to fall fast because I cant believe we are near the end and my sweet strong baby boy has made it ALMOST to the finish line.....I am so proud of him!!!! Travyn you are a stud and what a little fighter you are!!!!You never know, He might just be completed with treatment before his FIRST BIRTHDAY which is sept, 6thWhat a celebration we will have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Travyn's Blood Counts Hit ZERO Today!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 2 hours ago
Hey Friends and Family, I just wanted to write a quick update to let you all know how our Little Fighter is doing and where he is at with his Blood Counts. Well, they have hit ZERO today and now its time for "Travyn's Rules" lol....I have asked all the nurses to put on Gloves and Masks before coming in Tray's room. I put up a sign that says "No Vistiors" I kinda feel bad about putting that sign up because Travyn loves to have visitors and I have some great friends that come and visit us on a regular basis. But I have to do WHATEVER it takes to protect my baby boy. His life is in MY hands and I will protect him til the end. His Blood Counts should be up in no time at all (about a week) and we would love to have you come visit then.
Travyn is doing so good. He is such a smerty pants. I taught him how to wave so thats his new thing for the week. lol. He is so much fun to be with and all the nurses just adore Travyn. He is a little flirt!!! I dont know where he gets it but all I know is Im going to be in big trouble when he gets older. He is going to be a Lady's Man!!!!!!!!!!!! Travyn is my bestfriend, My hero, My little fighter, my stud muffin, My Prince, My Soldier, I could go on and on...............TRAVYN IS MY BRAVE BABY BOY!!!He is doing such a great job at fighting this awful beast and I am so proud of this little bugger!!! Travyn, Mommy loves you and CONTINUES to be right here by your side. Dont you worry little guy, everything is going to be OK........:)Travyn turned 11 months old yesterday. Can you believe he is going to be a year old in a month????? WOW, where did time go???? Travyn has been battling this beast for longer then he has been on this Earth....WOOOOW!!!
We are still focusing on the prize and the prize is My Sweet little Boy being CANCER FREE!!!!!!!!!!Thank you all for your love and support....We love you all so much and cant thank you enough for everything.And For those of you that go to the Temple or participate in Prayer Circles, I would very much appreciate if you would put Travyn Shae Sinclair's name on the Prayer Roll/List.
Thank you,Whitney

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back at Primary Childrens for cycle #4 and Stem-Cell Replacment #2.
Posted 3 hours ago
Hey everyone, Sorry I haven't written sooner but I have been a little under the weather. I will explain that later in my update. So we did get to go home on Jul, 20 and we had a week and a half of pure bliss at home!!! Travyn was such joy to be around. Always so happy and loved every minute of being out of the hospital. The only time Tray really got sick and threw up was when he was moved around alot or if Daddy played to hard with him. :) But our stay at home was short lived and we were admitted back to Primary's on Friday Jul, 31 at 9:00 a.m.The 3 week break we were told we were getting turned out to be cut in half. lol we kinda knew this was gonna happen. Its Hospitals for ya!!!!!! But thats OK cause the sooner we Start the SOONER WE FINISH TREATMENT, AND THE SOONER MY LITTLE TRAY MAN WILL BE CANCER FREE!!!!! Our eyes are on the prize and the prize is Cancer Free!!!!!They didnt waste anytime getting started once we got admitted, and by 7:00 last night Travyn was all done and ready for his first bath. Baby Tray is getting the exact same 2 chemos as cycle #3. The "Carboplatin" and "Theiotepa" The Theiotepa is the scary one!!! It secretes through his skin and like I mentioned in my last updates he will need to be bathed 3 times a day to wash the chemo that has secreted through his skin off and will need oral care done 4 times a day to prevent mouth sores. Ahma (My Mom) went and bought Baby Tray a little Ducky Bath Tub. It is the CUTEST thing ever and Tarvyn just LOVES it!!!! You can squeeze its beak and it quacks.....lol..... Tray doesnt know what to think, but all we know is he just loves it when I pull it out for his bath time 4 TIMES A DAY.Tomorrow is Trayn's Rest Day and on Monday he will have his #2 Stem-Cell Replacment. I cant wait for my Mom to experience this one with me. She was out of town for the first one. It is so different from everything we have experienced and smells different too....lol....For those of you that dont remember the stem-cells are mixed with a perservative called DMSO which penetrates the stem-cells into the bone marrow which will make TRAVYN STINK!!!! BIG DEAL!!!!! We can handle our little boy smelling like V-8 Juice ...lol....We will probably be at the hospital the same amount of time as last time as long as there is NO complications. Please pray for our little Fighter that everything will be okay and that he will get through this cycle with flying colors..Your prayers are so important to our family and are so much appreciated. Thank you from Jayson and I and our entire family. We love you all so much and continue to pray for you all daily.... :)
Now back to why I havent been feeling to well.......Well, I guess our Heavenly Father has put his trust in me with another one of his children. JAYSON AND I ARE EXPECTING OUR 2ND CHILD ON FEBUARY 6TH 2010.It was unexpected but we are very excited and it only confirms that God has a plan for Jayson, Trayvn and I, and that everything will be OKAY!!!! Travyn is going to be the best Big Brother anyone could have....We heard the heartbeat on thursday and Jayson and I were thrilled. We are truly blessed....God is GOOD!!!!
Thank you all for your love and continued support!!!!!
Love you all,Whitney

Monday, July 13, 2009

3rd cycle of Chemo and first Stem-Cell Replacment COMPLETE!!!!
Posted 5 minutes ago
Today is Monday July, 13th. Travyn had a really good weekend, he has been so happy and playful. Ahma (my mom) came up on saturday and sunday and spent the whole day with Travyn and I. Travyn was SOOOO happy to see her. It was the cutest thing ever. Everytime he see's Ahma he always starts clapping his hands and he puts his arms out and reaches for her. I love it when he reaches for me and wants me to hold him. It makes you feel so wanted. lol :) Travyn has been so happy and he acts like he hasnt even received any Chemo. When I look at him its like his strength is telling me that NOTHING can take him down, NOTHING!!! He is so strong and brave. :) The Bone Marrow Doctors have been waiting for his counts to drop. But instead they have been going up. 3 days ago they went from 3600 to 6000. The Doctors said that they were sure that was a mistake because they have never heard of that before. Well, today Baby Tray's Blood Counts have dropped from 3400 to 0.2 :( its so scary when they drop. This is when you really need to just let go and let God. Travyn is so happy still and what a wild little bear he is!!! lol. He makes me laugh so hard. It is SO much different this time around in the hospital with Tray. He is into everything and he has to be playing with somthing and has to eat everything I eat and he wont cuddle with me anymore :( im lucky if I get to hold him for a minute before he starts wiggling out of my arms. lol.. Last time he was in the hospital for 3 months, Travyn would just lay in bed or lay in my arms. Those days long gone!!! The days are so much fun now and I just cant get enough of the joy and happiness my son brings to my life. It is truly an amazing feeling and I love every minute of it. I taught Travyn "Peek-A-Boo" yesterday. He will take his blankie and lift it up by his face and then pull it down real fast with the biggest smile on his face. IT SO DARN CUTE!!! He is so smart and Im so impressed with how fast he learns things. He is a blessing and a miracle.........Now from here we just wait until his counts come back up to at least 500 and then we get to go home for 3 weeks. YAY!!!! CANT WAIT....We wont be going back to St. George because we want to stay close incase anything happens and we have to take him back to primarys. Jayson and I are looking for an apartment for the time being. We are not sure what are plans are when Travyn is done with treatment but we do know that we cant wait for that day....We are taking it day by day, minute by minute.I still have my vision of Travyn running home from school with his back-pack on swinging from side to side....Its as clear as day!!!!
I want to thank all of you for your amazing love and continued support. The prayers that have been said on behalf of Travyn have been heared and answered and I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. You have NOOO idea how much they all mean to us. We love each and everyone of you and may God bless you all for praying and supporting our baby and family. PLEASE KEEP ON PRAYING FOR OUR PRECIOUS MIRACLE BOY!!!
#1 Stem-Cell Replacment.
Posted Jul 9, 2009 10:55pm
Today has been such a great day. Very busy and tiring for Baby Tray but he seemed to manage everything ok. :) Travyn received his 1st set of Stem-Cells today. Before they got started they had a liitle BMT Birthday Party for him. (BMT stands for: Bone Marrow Transplant.) It was the sweetest thing. 13 nurses came in and sang "Happy BMT Birthday" to Travyn. He loved it!!! Travyn started clapping his hands and was looking at me like "Mom, is this all for me?" It was so cute. BMT brought him some presents and a "BMT recipient" t-shirt and a cute blankie. The Bone Marrow Team goes all out for these kids. Its so neat! So after his party they brought in the stem-cells and it went very smoothly. He received 2 bags of his own stem-cells. They told us about a perservative that is put in the stem-cells once they have harvested them called "DMSO". DMSO is "Dimethyl sulfoxide" which penetrates the stem-cells into the Bone Marrow. They also warned us about the "DMSO" and how it will make Travyn STINK like Cream Corn. Well to me it doesnt smell like cream corn, it smells like V-8 juice and all the nurses agree when I tell them that I think it smells like V-8 they say "Oh my gosh, nobody has said that before and thats exactly what it smells like" lol I think it smells pretty good and a matter of fact I went and bought myself a V-8. lol Every nurse that walks in to come see Travyn, the first thing they say is "Awww, Bone Marrow!!!" its hilarious! They said the smell will last about 3 days. Today was the last day for the 3 baths per day and the 4 time oral care a day. Travyn sure loves baths and when I take him out he throws a tantrum. :( but gets over it fast. Yesterday, Tray had his rest day. He didnt feel to good. The nausea came in waves it seemed like. But he got through the day just fine and is continuing to fight this battle. Travyn is my little hero and when he looks at me its like his eyes are telling me "Mom, whats all the fuss about, im going to be fine" He is my hero, my Baby Tray, my bestfriend, and the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you Baby Tray! Mommy is right here by your side and im not going anywhere. YOUR MY LIFE 4 EVER!!!!
Thank you for all your love and support. Your prayers have been heard and answered. Please please please keep praying for my precious Baby that he will fight this beast.
Love you all with all my heart.

Monday, July 6, 2009

We are back at good ol' Primary Childrens!!!
Posted 28 minutes ago
Well everyone we are back at Primary Childrens Medical Center for his 3rd cycle and Stem-cell replacment. It has been a very busy day but very positive. Travyn just finished one of his Chemos called "Carboplatin" and has one more to go called "Thiotepa". The "Thiotepa" exits his body through his skin so Travyn will have to be bathed 3 times a day and he will also need oral care done 4 times a day to prevent mouth sores and fungus. All I have to do for Oral care is take a swabette and swab his checks and gums with a mouthwash called Biotine. Its an anti-fungal.Tomorrow Tray will get the same 2 Chemo (Carboplatin & Thiotepa) and on the 3rd day he will get a rest day. And on the 4th day, the Bone Marrow Transplant team will be throwing Travyn a little party before he gets his own stem-cell replaced. Every stem-cell replacment the throw these kids (Travyn) parties and give them presents and bring them a cake. They say its another chance of celebrating life. I think its so neat that Primary Childrens Hospital takes the time and does this for these sick kids. I love Primary Childrens and I am SO grateful that my sweet baby Travyn is here and in such good hands. Its a relief!!!
Today is Jayson's 27th birthday and Travyn's 10 month old birthday. Can you beleive Baby tray is 10 MONTHS OLD?????????? I cant!!!! Where did my little baby go??? lol :) He is so darn cute.We celebrated my 23rd birthday on the 1st of July. We went to the Spegetti Factory. it was alot of fun. I have the best family in the world. my dad is coming back to Salt Lake tomorrow to help me with Tray. He helps out so much with Tray. I am so lucky to have such a great Dad. :) Wayne is on his way up to the hospital right now to come and see tray and help out. My Mom went out of town yesterday with her sisters to Redfish lake. She had planned this trip 6 months ago and she felt SO BAD that she was leaving right before Tray was going in the hospital to start chemo. But she will be back on Friday. It feels like she has been gone for a week already. I miss her so much. I love my mommy!!!! anyway I better go Tray just woke up and I have to go bathe him cause they just started the "Thiotepa". :)
THANKS FOR ALL YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT. PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR MY BABY TRAY!!! hE IS GOING TO FIGHT THIS I JUST KNOW IT!!!! ITS IN GODS HANDS AND HAS BEEN THIS WHOLE TIME....MIRACLES HAPPEN (Right Nonie!!) Oh, by the way Nonie. I met Ellen and she is such a doll. What a sweetheart she is. I could see the light of christ in her eyes. Wow, she is an angel!!! Cant wait to meet you now!!!
Love you all so much.....xoxoxo

Monday, June 22, 2009

MRI went good!!!
Posted 47 minutes ago
Today was Travyn's MRI and it went great. We got there at 8am and waited for the Radiologist to come and get Travyn. We walked Tray back to the MRI machine and they asked Jayson and I if we would like to stay and watch again. I laughed and said NO Thanks!! lol Last time we got massive head aches from the loud space ship machine so we decided to not watch. awww! Instead we went up to the Huntsman Cancer Institute and had breakfast at "The Point". We had alot of time to kill because they were scanning the Brain and the Spine. We returned to Primary Childrens. Travyn wasn't quite finished with his MRI so we waited in the recovery room for about a half hour. When he got done the Doctor came and talked to us and told us how well the MRI went and that Dr. Pulshiper would be calling us with the results as soon as he read them. They warned us it would be a couple of days, but we feel very confident that its going to look good. We continue to pray for my sweet son. After the doctor left we had to wait 45 min of recovery time until we could leave. after 30 min Tray finally woke up and was such a happy little boy!!!! We left at 11:30 and went home and took a nap. It was a busy but great morning.I will let you all know as soon as I get the results. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE continue to pray for Baby Tray. Your beautiful prayers are so needed right now. Thank you so much for your love and support!! I love you all so much.
Thank you and God Bless you all!!!
Posted 14 hours ago
First of all, I want to thank you for the many prayers that have been said in behalf of my little boy. Words cannot express how much they mean to me and my family. We know that through the power of your prayers the MRI results will be what we all have hoped and prayed for. May God bless you all for praying for Travyn and our family.
Last Thursday I took Travyn in to have his central line checked out because it looked a little red and I wanted to make sure it wasnt getting infected. They swabbed it and took blood cultures and sure enough everything was fine. Im just a little 'worry wort' and I dont want to take any chances when it comes to my sweet boy. :)While I was at the Doctors. The BMT (Bone Marrow Transplant Team) came in and had Travyn's road map on his upcoming procedures. I was shocked when I saw how soon we were going to start his 3rd cycle of Chemotherapy and his Stem-Cell Replacement. WOW!! What a busy week we have starting tomorrow at 8am. The month that I thought we were going to have for a break turned into 2 weeks. :( I am happy and sad at the same. Happy because the sooner we start the sooner we will be finished and sad because I dont want to see my sweet precious baby go through this awful Chemo. He has been such a happy little boy and I DONT want to see him sick. But I feel grateful this time because he will get the Stem-Cells Replacment and I've been told by the Oncologist that the Stem-Cell Peplacement does WONDERS!!!!!
Heres Travyn's Road Map.
Starting Tomorrow, Monday June 22 at 8:00am Travyn will have his MRI.
Wednesday, June 24: Jayson and I will meet with Dr. Colte for a Neuropsych Evaluation. At this point im not sure what this consists of.
Thursday, June 25: Travyn has labs at 11:30 to check his ANC and Blood Count. and at 1:00 Travyn will have a EKG (heart test), a Spinal Tap, a Echocardiogram. (A Echocardiogram is a test in which ultrasound is used to examine the heart), and a Audiogram to test his hearing. He will be sedated for all of this. The reason why they test his hearing is cause the chemo and Radiation is so damaging and Travyn can lose his hearing in the future. Right now his hearing is perfect and responds very well to noise.
Friday, June 26: Jayson and I have school at Primary Childrens from 10:00am to 2:45pm to learn about: Dietary, Pharmacy Education, Nursing, Child Life, Social Work. A little more educaion wont hurt us.;) What a day huh?? My Mom will be watching Tray while we are at school. Tray is so excited, he loves his Ah-ma so much and everytime he sees her he gets so excited he clenches his little fists and smiles so big!!!!
Monday, July 6: Travyn will be getting admitted back into Primary Childrens to start chemo :(
Please keep praying for my sweet baby that everything will go smooth and that there will be no complications and THAT HE WILL BE HEALED AND THAT THIS MRI WILL SHOW AMAZING RESULTS!!!!
I will update you all on how the MRI goes and when I get the results. but I do know the results may take a couple of days, just so you know. :)
I love you all so much and cant thank you enough for the prayers being said for Travyn...Thank you and God Bless
Posted 2 days ago
G-PA(John Sinclair- Whitney's Father)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Life is good!
Posted 16 hours ago
Sorry I havent written sooner, it has been a crazy week. We finished Radiation last Friday. Can you believe Radiation is over??? The weeks just flew by. Like I said in my last update, I know what lies ahead of us and I am not looking forward to it at all. Chemo is such a difficult thing to go through, esspecially when its your precious little baby going through it, and knowing that he will be admitted back into Primary Childrens Hospital is very hard for Jayson and I to come to terms with. I cant even begin to tell you how much joy Travyn brings to our lives, and having him home with us has been the most amazing experience. We have watched him grow and develop into this cute little personality. Just in these last few weeks he has completly changed from the little boy that was in the hospital. He is our pride and Joy and most of all our little FIGHTER!!!! We met with the oncologist on monday and she was so impressed on how well Travyn looks. She could not get over how much hair he had and how long his eye lashes were. She confirmed that it will be about a month until Tray starts his 3rd cycle of Chemotherapy. He needs 3 more cycles. He already has had 2, so a total of 5. But we are focusing on the prize and the prize is CANCER FREE!!!! (Right Nonie?) Tray will be getting a Lumbar Puncture in 2 weeks followed by an MRI. A Lumbar Punture other known as Spinal Tap is where they can collect Cerebrospinal Fluid (spinal fluid) and then they will test the spinal fluid for any Cancer cells. This AT/RT tumor can send out microscoptic cells to the spine and kidneys. So they are just making sure Tray is clean and nothing new has grown. We feel very confident that there will be NO NEW signs of this horrible disease in his little body.
Other then that, we are living our lives as normal as possible, knowing that our lord is by our side and I believe with all my heart that God will heal my little boy. I still have a vision of my sweet little boy running home from school with his backpack on swinging from side to side. AND IT IS THAT VISION THAT KEEPS ME GOING!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

5th and FINAL Week!!! :)
Posted 20 hours ago
Oh my gosh, I cant believe we are almost finished with Radiation. Travyn has been doing really well for everything he has been through. Last week though, we started to see some of the side effects from the Radiation. He has been sleeping alot more and even though he has been such a happy little boy he definitley can be a little fuss budget. There hasn't been any blisters or burn marks on the back of his head but he is a little bit more red then usual, kinda like a sunburn especially at night. We are praying that there has been minimal damage to the healthy tissue around the tumor. He has impressed everyone that has taken care of him.. He is progressing like a normal 9 month old should. Yes, can you believe it??? Our little Tray Man turned 9 MONTHS OLD ON THE 6th. He has been fighting this beast more then half his life and he WILL continue to fight untill he is CANCER FREE!!!!!
Jayson took Travyn to labs today and let me sleep in. I dont know what I would do without Jayson and the love and commitment he has shown Tray and I. We love Daddy so much!!! Thanks Babe! Jayson was told by one of the oncologist that after Radiation, Tray will have a 2-6 week break and then he will start Chemo and the Stem-Cell replacment. I have been so scared for Radiation to end because I don't know what lies ahead. But I have trust and faith in the lord that everything will be ok and that he will take care of us and be by our side the whole way. We have seen miracle after miracle and it is through the power of all of your prayers that our sweet little boy will continue to progress. I cant thank you all enough for all the many prayers that have been said in our behalf. PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR OUR SWEET BOY!! WE LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

4th Week Of Radiation.
Posted 17 hours ago
Tomorrow we start our 4th week of Radiation. I cant believe how fast it has been going by. Travyn's Radiation Theripist, Dr. Hazard comes in twice a week to see how things are going with Travyn and she also goes over everything from the following week. When she came into see Travyn last week, She was really impressed on how well Travyn has been doing and how good his skin looked. No burn marks, blisters, no peeling of the skin. He looks GREAT!!! Thats my boy for ya!! He's a fighter and he will fight through anything. Travyn has been such a Joy to be around and brings such a beautiful light in our lives. He is so Special!!! We took him to the Clark Planetarium last weekend and we saw the "ASTRONAUT LIFE 3D" and he loved it. He would wear the 3D glasses for a minute but then he would pull them off. lol I think he was getting scared. We had a blast!! Other then that things have been going really good. Just livin and lovin life. We are so happy with the way things are going. Life is good!!
Thanks for all your love and support. I love you all so much!! Thank you for all your prayers! please continue to pray for my sweet boy!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

3rd week of Radiation.
Posted 2 hours ago
I cant believe we are already on our 3rd week of Radiation. WOW! time is flying by. Travyn is doing so good and he is getting SOOO big! The doctors ask us every morning if we have seen any side effects and we honestly havent seen any change in Travyn. The only thing I have noticed is the back of his neck where they are radiating is that its more red then usual, but they said thats normal. But thats about it!! He is such a good boy. Always so happy. Loves his toys and just loves to tease daddy. I think he is a Daddy's boy. :( but thats ok I know he still loves me like crazy. :) But things are going good here. We went and got our pictures taken and that was a blast. We go on walks almost every night and we are just loving life more then ever. Life is good!! especially with our gorgeous son in our lives. Jayson took Travyn to Radiation the other day and let me sleep in. After radiation Travyn had to go get labs drawn at Primary Childrens and Dr. Bruggers (travyn's main oncologist) came in to check on Travyn to see how he was doin and she said to Jayson, "I am so impressed with how well you and Whitney are doing and how well your doing taking care of this little boy. He looks PHENOMENAL"!!!!! May I shake your hand?" :)When he came home and told me this I started crying cause that meant so much to hear. Especially coming from her. :)Anyways, Things are going very well. Travyn is so smart and I cant tell any learning disabilities. He is smarter then you would think after going through all he has gone through. He is our little HERO and we love him so much. God is taking care of us and he always will. We could NOT do this without God's help. He has us wrapped in his arms and he isnt letting us go nowhere. God is good!And to all of you that have prayed for my sweet boy, I hope you know how much it means to us. How could I ever thank you all?Please continue to pray for my beautiful baby boy.
If you have some extra time one day you should look at the pictures from when he first got sick and had surgery till today and how well he is doing. And how many miracles we have seen and all the prayers that have been answered. It just reminds you how amazing God is and how lucky we are to be children of the most almighty God ever. Just take a deep breath, because you'll never live this moment again.
May God bless you for praying for my family.
Love you all so much!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

2nd week of Radiation.
Posted 19 hours ago
I cant even begin to tell you how good Travyn is doing. He is always so happy and such a busy body. Jayson and I are lovin life and having our own little family. Its what I have always wanted and I cant wait until Tray is all better and we can think about having more kids. Travyn will be the best big brother!!! :) We have one more day of Radiation for this week and then we have Saturday and Sunday off and WE CAN SLEEP IN!!! YAY!but, so far Radiation has gone great! We get up at 5:00 every morning and I give Travyn his Prevacid and Euthomycin. (Prevacid is like baby tums and Euthomycin is an antibiotic.) then we get ready, eat breakfast and leave the house by 6:50. We get to Huntsmans and walk to our room they have assigned us. Thats where we meet the anesthesiologists. They walk us back to the Radiation room where we drop off Tray. We put him down on the radiation table and then they tell us they'll call us when there down. The first day of Radiation they sedated Tray while we were in the room and they didnt even worn us. I was looking around at all the equipment and I looked back at Tray and he was out his eyes were open and my heart dropped. It was so scary! I was kinda upset they didnt worn us. I didnt want to see that. :( anyway so once we leave we go upstairs and go eat breakfast at "The Point" restaurant and by the time we sit down they are already calling us saying Trays all done with Radiation. So we head downstairs. We have to sit with Tray for 30 min while they monitor him and then we leave. On Mondays and Thursdays we have Labs at Primary Childrens. So those days we get done with Radiation and head to Primarys right after. He get blood drawn to see how hia protein is and everything else. Then we go home and I hook him back up to his feeding pump and his T.P.N and Lipids. T.P.N is Total parenteral nutrition, it is the practice of feeding a person intravenously, bypassing the usual process of eating and digestion. The person receives nutritional formulas containing salts, glucose, amino acids, lipids and added vitamins. Its extra calories. They call it dinner in a bag. He recives those because he is not meeting his feeding goal with formula, which is 43 mls and hour and he is only getting 25 mls an hour and they want to make sure he is getting the nutrition he needs. After I do all that we go on with our daily lives. We are free to do whatever we want. We go on walks down to Temple Square, We go see family and friends (that arent SICK!) and then we come home eat dinner, give Tray a bath and get him ready for bed and at Midnight we turn off his feeds cause he cant have anything by mouth for 8 hours before he gets sedated. Then we do it all over agian the next day. We absolutly have no complaints though. Its all so worth it and its nothing like being in the hospital. We are so grateful for everyday with our precious baby boy. We are truly blessed how well he is doing and how much of a difference it has been since he has been out of the hospital. He has learned so much lately and the oncologists are all so impressed with his progress. I know, if it wasnt for our Heavenly Father he would not be where he is at today. I thank him everyday. And to all of you that have prayed for my sweet son. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You will never know how much it means to me and my family. I wish there was somthing I could do to show you my gratitude. I love you all so much!
Thanks for the love and support!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Last 2 Weeks.
Posted 11 hours ago
Hey Friends and Family, I just want to start this off by apologizing for not writing an update on how Travyn has been doing. I have been so incredibly busy being a Mommy and Nurse. I dont know if im coming or going and I cant remember the last time I ate a hot meal. lol But, it has been so worth it and im not going to complain.Anyways, about my lil Fighter Travyn, He is doing amazing!! He is the cutest thing I have ever seen and he makes us laugh so hard. Everyday he has a "new" thing he does with his mouth, voice, tongue...lol right now, his new thing is to talk with his fingers in his mouth. lol its so darn cute!!!My last update I left off where we were at the hospital and Tray was getting a new Central Line and he was going into surgery the next day. Well, that went really well. Thanks to all the prayers!! We weren't in the Hospital very long after he was out of surgery. He was doing that good! I got permission from Tray's Doctor if we could travel down to St. George and Cedar City for saturday and sunday. She said she had NO problem with that and to just keep an extra eye on him and his tempeture. We drove down to St. George on Saturday and it felt so goooooood to get out and to be freeeeee!! I was loving every minute of the 5 hour drive, especially when you have been in a hospital for 3 consistent months. WOW, It felt amazing to get out. We stayed at my house in my own bed :) i have missed my house so much down there. Tray slept in his brand new crib he got for x-mas and I could tell he really enjoyed it as well. It was so good to see my Brother, Christian and my Good friend, Sydney. I have missed them so much. Especially my brother. He is the funniest guy I have ever met and he can always put a smile on my face no matter what. ;) On our way back we stopped in Cedar to visit with Jayson's family. His Dad was called to be the 1st counsler in the Bishop Rick, so we went to there ward to support him. Nobody deserves it more then him :) We were very happy for him. We got home late sunday night and was in such a panic about the following day, Monday. That was his 1st day starting radiation. so we were trying to get organized the best we could so we could get up and be up at the Huntsman Cancer Institute at 7:15 am. First day went good and now he is on day 5 which is friday 5-8-09. We have Saturday and Sunday off but Monday we start all over again, starting at 7:15 am Mon-FriHe has 28 sessions. It will go by fast though. Im not worried. We havent seen any side effects quite yet but there suppose to be not that bad. Nothing like chemo!!!! He can get really tired but thats about it.Last night Me, Jayson and Travyn went to Temple Square and walked around for 2 hours it was so nice. We took him into thr visitors center where they have the big statue of Jesus and Travyn loved it. The spirit in the room was so strong and it was just peaceful as ever. We took a ton of pictures so I will have to post some. They are priceless!!!Other then that, everything has been going just as expected if not better. Jayson moved back to Salt Lake so he could help me with Tray. Which I am very happy he is back, We missed him!! Travyn has been holding his feeds down and hasn't been throwing up whenever you move him. He is so wild and he is catching up pretty fast with meeting all the milestones. He is always so happy and he always has a smile on his face. We are loving every minute with him at home and you can tell he knows he is OUT of that darn hospital. Well everyone, Im going to head to bed. I am so grateful I didnt lose his update like last time. :(
Please pray for my baby that his radiation sessions go good and that the radiation does its job and eats away the tumor. I have FAITH it will!!!
Thanks for your love and support!!! Love you all so much!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Posted 12 hours ago
I just wrote THE LONGEST UPDATE about my whole week with Tray and somehow I lost it. I am so frustrated right now! I have been up since 12:00 am writing this wonderful update and Its GONEZO!!!! So I am going to bed and I will re-write my update tomorrow. UGH, I hate computers somtimes. Well, Everyone I will just write a quick update on Travyn. Its been 1 week today since he has been home with me at the Ronald McDoanld House and he has been doing awesome but tonight we are back in the hospital because his Central Line broke (My Fault) It got caught on his carseat and snapped. Anyways, they have fixed it twice but it continued to leak so now they have to put a whole new Central Line in tomorrow morning. WHich means he will be sedated and in the O.R. for a couple of hours. So please pray for my baby that it all goes well in surgery, and I will update you on how our week has gone so far tomorrow! It is 3:30 in the morning and I have to get some sleep.... Ugh, Did I already tell you I DISLIKE computers somtimes??? I cant believe I lost my LOOOONG update ... Oh well, Im over it.. :) Love you all so much and thank you for your love and support!!! Night NIght!!!!!!!!!!!!
May God bless you all!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs and Kisses

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I HaVe SoMe GoOd NeWs!!!
Posted 26 minutes ago
Good Morning Everybody, Well I have some VERY GOOD NEWS for all of you!!!!!!!!!!TRAVYN'S MRI FINAL RESULTS SHOWED "NO CANCER CONCERNS" WITH HIS SPINE! THE RESIDUAL TUMOR ON HIS BRAIN STEM IS THE SAME SIZE IF NOT SMALLER!!!!! They told us when a Baby/Kid grows the tumor will grow with them, and Tray's tumor is has shown NO GROWTH what so ever!!!!!!
Now for some more GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!
Our Little Miracle Boy.
Posted 10 hours ago
Sorry I haven't written for a while. It's just been one of those tough weeks. We got the results back on his blood culture and sure enough he had a blood infection. Its called "Enterococcus" It's a bacteria that everbody has in there intestines. But with Travyn the bacteria got in his blood stream and caused an infection. I have no idea how it got in his blood but it did!! :/ and since his blood count was zero, he had NO WHITE BLOOD CELLS to fight this infection. My Dad somehow, someway got a General Authority to come up to the hospital and give Travyn a blessing. I cannot remember his name for the life of me. But, it was such a beautiful blessing and the spirit was so strong. He was such a nice guy and we chatted for a bit then he left. It was the weirdest thing, but right when he left, Travyn started to shiver so bad and he curled into a ball. He was shivering so hard I thought he was having a seziure or somthing. His hands and feet turned purple which is a sign of infection. I called my nurse in and she took his temp and it was back to 104 and his heartrate was high. They took some more blood cultures to send to the lab to test for infection. They say if there is any kind of infection it can take up to 24 hours to grow. The resident at that moment came in and was explaining that they were pretty sure it was an infection but didnt know exactly what kind. She said it could be a sinus infection or a viral infection. As she was explaining to me what it could be her pager went off and she looked up at me and said "OK, Travyn's blood culture came back positive for infection" She also said that they didnt know what kind it was yet but THERE was an infection in his blood. I started crying and was so scared. She was so sweet and she comforted me. She then hurried out ther door yelling at the nurses "OK, everybody the cultures were positive. Lets get moving! "Janet order some Venco now" Venco is an antibiotic that is very strong and aggressive.It was amazing how fast the blood cultures grew and how we got the results back so quick right after Travyn's blessing from the General Authority!! Just one more miracle to add to our many!!! God works in mysterious ways!!!!The following day his fever was down and the infection was undercontrol. The weekend was relaxing and healing. Travyn has been having a hard time keeping down his feeds. He is only getting 15 mil an hour. They are continuous feeds and going at all times. It is very frustrating because the doctors seem to not have any answers on why he cant keep them down and throwing up even if they turn them off for a couple of hours. They have done a tummy X-ray and that looked fine and normal. so we are just trying to rule out whats going on with his little tummy.Other then that, Travyn has been doing great they have decided to give Tray's Liver a break from Chemo because of the Liver disease he got a couple weeks ago. And they are going to start Radiation. They usually wait until they have completed all 5 cycles but they feel like it is nessescary to go ahead and start. I have mixed concerns regarding them starting radiation due to his age. They dont like to perform radiation at too long of age because of brain development. but they feel like they dont have a choice because of the aggressivness of the AT/RT Tumor. But I know once agian I have to turn my sweet baby boy over to the hands of God. And I know he is in GOOD HANDS!!!! God can move mountians and God WILL HEAL MY BABY BOY!!
They ordered an MRI yesterday but we haven't recieved the results yet!! Hopefully tomorrow morning.Today, my Dad and I took Travyn on a walk outside. We took him to a little garden they have at the hospital called the "Angel Garden" It has a stream and flowers and beautiful statues. Travyn was LOVING IT!! I could just tell he knew we were outside getting some FRESH air. The birds were chirping and it was so sunny! He was cooing and saying "Mum Ma" "Mum Mum Mum Ma" the whole time. It brought tears to my eyes to see him so happy and having fun. I know it did him alot of good because he didnt throw up once while we were out there and when we got back to his room he was so worn out he passed out in my arms. He is doing great and im so proud of him!! he is my lil FIGHTER!!! I KNOW DEEP DOWN IN MY HEART THAT I COULD NOT GET THROUGH THIS WITHOUT GOD!! I HAVE PUT MY STRENGTH INTO THE LORD AND HE HAS PUT HIS STRENGTH INTO ME!!!And word has it that we MIGHT be going home tomorrow!!! but we'll see!!!! :-) ;-) :-) :-) :-)And to those of you that have financely donated to Travyn's Donation Fund, I just want to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH IT HAS HELPED!!!! THANK YOU!!!!
Thank you for all your love and support!!! and your healing prayers!! Please keep praying for my sweet son!! I love him so much!!!! MIRACLES DOOOOO HAPPEN!!!!
May God bless you all for praying for our family!!!!!
Love you so much!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

I first heard about this yesterday around 12:30pm when Whitney sent me a text message. As soon as I got her message I stopped what I was doing at work and said a little prayer for Travyn. His fever and his heart rate were high and then he recieved his blessing. Not long after that both his fever and heart rate went back down a little. Unfortunetly I got another message last night around 10:00pm saying that his fever had gone back up to 104 and that his heart rate was 190-200. They got his blood cultures back and they were positive for infection. The blood infection he has is called Enterococcus. The doctors say it is a very common blood infection and that they are are very confident they have it under control with antibiotics. I will update you as soon as I hear more. Thanks for taking the time to read Travyn's blog and supprot him and his family.

Amanda Jennings
What a week!!!
Posted 20 hours ago
Well everyone, We are still here at the hospital!!! On Tuesday Travyn was throwing up alot but wasn't running a fever or anything, he was just having a hard time holding down his feeds. So they decided to keep him one more night so they could keep an eye on him. Well that one night turned into 2 nights. This morning I got a phone call from Tray's nurse saying he wasn't having a very good morning and that he was running a fever of a 104. She said they took some blood cultures to check for infection. When I got off the phone I drove up to the hospital in a panic. When I walked in Travyn's room I just started to ball. He was asleep in his diaper and looked so pale and sick. It was so sad to see him like this. I noticed that he nad no feeding tube, so I asked his nurse why he didnt have one. She said "well he pulled it out so we put in another one and he pulled that one out too!!!" (little stinker)I honestly was happy he didnt have one in because I cant even imagine how uncomfortable that would be. And to all the mothers out there, you know when your kid is sick you want them to be as comfortable as possible and you spoil them. I let him have 2 binkeys. One in his mouth and one in his hand. WOW!! What a softy I am!!! I called my mom and told her what was going on and she immediately called my whole family to let them know and to say a prayer. Well I started putting thick baby lotion on him and i put a cold washcloth on his head to cool him off. He was like an oven he was so warm. I had my nurse call the elders that work in the hospital and they came and gave Tray a Beautiful blessing. They asked me if I wanted one and I said "Yes please" because I was a wreck. Im not even kidding you by the time they walked out the door Trays heartrate was dropping back to normal and I took his temp and it had dropped a degree. WOW, The power of prayer is amazing. Well I am just sitting here while Tray is sleeping and just thanking God for another miracle. But, now we just need to keep praying that nothing grows on the blood culture.
Thanks so much for all your prayers!!!your Love and Support is amazing and I love you all.
Please keep praying for my sweet boy!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

WE ARE GOING HOME!!!!Posted 55 minutes ago
Guess what everyone??? WE GET TO GO HOME TOMORROW!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, I am so excited. I swear, I never thought this day would ever come. Only though its for one week, I am so grateful that I get this oppurtunity. My house is ready for my sweet little boy to come home. I have washed his carseat cover and have disinfected my car, house, you name it. My Dad is on his way up so that he can take advanatage of being with Tray AT HOME!!! Jayson is coming up on Thursday so he can be with him as well. This is going to be such a great time. I am really looking forward to having him home. I cant wait to snuggle in my bed with him and fall asleep together. I cant wait to get up with him in the middle of the night and rock him back to sleep. I never thought I would ever be so excited to wake up in the middle of the night but I am. lol WOW!! When I got the news last night that we were going home, I have to admit I was a little scared. Its been 3 months that he has had a nurse watch every move and He has been on monitors ever since his surgery. Its just scary cause now he wont have a monitor to let me know his heartrate, breathing rate and all that, or a nurse that knows everything. But at the same time I AM SO EXCITED AND HAPPY AND I CANNOT WAIT!!! I hope I dont sound crazy to all of you... Other then that Travyn is doing FANTASTIC!! His counts are 400 which is OK. But they are coming back up pretty fast. I am so grateful for all the prayers that have been said for my liitle boy, and if you dont mind continuing to pray for him. He is such a little fighter and it is truly a MIRACLE that we are at this point where I can take him home. I will update you on how things are going at home. WISH ME LUCK !!!THANKS FOR ALL YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!

Travyn's fundraiser 03/27/09

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Home Away From Home.
Posted 19 hours ago
Hey everyone, sorry its been awhile since I have written an update. Wow, I have a story for you! After we were moved to the PICU I get a call from my Social Worker. She said that there was a chance I would have to pack up Travyn's stuff in his room on the forth floor. (and for those of you that knew how much stuff I had in this room you would laugh.) We have been in this particular room for 2 1/2 months and I pretty much made it a nursery. I had stuff all over the walls and it was so cute. I would have nurses from all over the hospital come in my room and say "I just had to come see your room!" "I've heard its the cutest room in the hospital" I think I went a little overboard with decorations. But it was SO cute and Travyn loved it :) Anyway, my socail worker said they were trying really hard to save our room but they might need it because Travyn is still in the PICU. I had no problem with the news. I understand that there are other sick kids. So I said "NO problem, Just let me know." Well 2 hours later I get a call and they needed Tray's room incase they got an admit in the middle of the night. So me and my Mom went upstairs while Tray was sleeping and we started packing. The worst part is that they didn't have anywhere I could store it, so I had to pack it in my car. It filled my front and back seat full. It took us 2 hours and about 5 trips downstairs to my car. They let us use the little kid wagons to pack stuff on which helped alot and save us time. so we get done moving and by that time it was 9:30 so we went and tucked Travyn in said our good nights. I went to my moms house to stay the night. I got a call at 12:00 saying that they needed Tray's PICU room and they were going to move us back upstairs to his old room that we just BARLY MOVED OUT OF. I was so upset!! I asked the charge nurse to please not move him until I got there in the morning. She kept saying she couldn't wait and they were going to move him. The reason why I was so mad was because I felt like the were shuffling my son around from room to room and his blood counts are zero. When chemo patients blood counts are zero they wont even let them out of there room incase they caught a virus. And taking Tray in the halls is very dangerous because of that reason. I was also upset cause they wouldn't listen to me. I honestly felt like I didn't have a voice. Well the charge nurse called me back and said "OK well we arent going to move him because his heartrate is very high and he is breathing alot harder and the Respitory Therapist is concerned" I thought that was strange cause all of a sudden there were all these concerns when he has been stable all day and doing so good. But oh well! What do you do?The next day they finally moved Tray back to the wonderful oncology floor. :) My home away from home!!! I absolutley LOVE the 4th (oncology) floor. I guess we have been spoiled up here or somthing but down in the PICU they treat you completly different. There communication skills are crummy and they are very unorganized. Thats just my opinion though, they do alot of good so I guess the good out ways the bad.Well since we've been back Travyn has done so good. He is starting to get his energy back and he is starting to play and grab everything again and we are just lovin it. His liver enzymes are in the 60's which is awesome!! They removed his tummy drain that was draining all the excess fluid in his tummy from the VOD- "Veno Occlusive Disease" They started his feeds back up yesterday. He is getting 8 mils an hour. He is handling them fine. They start him off at such a small amount because they dont want to make him sick and throw up. They up it 2 mils every hour. The goal is to get to 42 mils an hour. We'll get there! They are going to start weening him off the oxycodone. I am very happy about that! :) And now for the best news, They said I will be able TO TAKE TRAVYN HOME in a week or so. They want his blood counts to come up a little before they send us home. not to St. George but to the Ronald McDonald apartment. OH MY GOSH I am so excited!but it will only be for 1 week. But I dont care, Im just so happy I finally get to take my baby home and feel like a normal MOMMY again. What I mean by that is NO DOCS, NO NURSES (well I will have a home nurse once a day) AND I'll HAVE SOME PRIVACY!!!! YAY!! I CANNOT WAIT!!! Then when I bring him back they will start his 3rd cycle of chemo and we'll do it all over again but this time he's stronger. I believe he gets stronger and stronger everytime .. :D WOW, I truly have so much to be grateful for. My baby is healing up so well and getting bigger and better everyday. He is such a fighter!! I love him so much! I thank heavenly father everyday for all the miracles we have seen with Travyn. Travyn has NO IDEA how much he has impacted my life, my family, friends and people that just hear his story. I have never been so spiritual in my life or have felt so close to God. I want to thank you Travyn. Mommy loves you so much and im still by your side until you are "CANCER FREE" Thats the BIG prize and me and my family are focusing on it so hard!!! MY FAMILY ROCKS! I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for my beautiful mom and dad and I couldn't do this without my wonderful family AND GOD OFCOURSE!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

God Hears Us!
Posted 15 hours ago
Where do I begin! So we were moved back to the penthouse on Monday night. But it was short lived. Tuesday seemed to get a little harder for Travyn to breath due to the fluid in his belly pressing up against his lungs. They put an oxygen mask on him because his oxygen saturations were dropping severly. Respitory Therapy came in to assess him and to see if he was going to need a bigger and better breathing machine. They said his lung air bags were having a hard time inflating and deflating. So they brought in a oxygen machine that was very powerful. After a few hours they comtimplated whether or not they wanted him back in the PICU for closer watch. His oxygen sats were in the high 70's. That means he was taking 70 breaths per minute. wow!! Normal sats are in the 30's and 40's. They said that if his oxygen sats didn't improve then they were going to have to intibate him and put him on a breathing machine. So we packed up some baby cloths and blankie's and headed on down to the PICU once agian. I am sad to go down there but am grateful for the special care and attention. He is in good hands there. Everytime we leave the PICU they always say "We hope we dont see you agian down here" Because its the INTENSIVE CARE UNIT!!! Its a step backwards.Yesterday, he slept all day long. I didn't see my beautiful baby's eyes once. He was so sick and not feeling well at all. We just let him sleep for two days straight!!! His breathing was so labored yesterday and it was so hard to see him like this. His little chest sides were dimpling because he was breathing so hard and trying to gasp for air. :( The oxygen machine they had him on was blowing pure oxygen in his little nostrals so strong so that it would open and inflate his lung bags. Last night my baby was so sick and he was connected to so many machines and cords and it was hard to move him from his crib to my arms, so I just crawled right into his crib with him and cuddled with my sweet boy. Even though he was asleep he knew I was there and turned into my chest. It melted my heart. I even fell asleep and took a little napper with my sweet boy. Just like we use to do in my bed. I believe that it was so healing for Tray and myself. The nurses and Doctors that would walk by our room had to do a double take to make sure they were seeing what they were seeing, LOL I fit pretty darn good in his crib and I am going to do it more often. Tray loved it!!!My friends Les and Lora came up because they were in town from Hurricane. Les and my Dad gave Tray a beautiful blessing. (Thanks Les) The past couple days I have felt this calm spirit with me at all times. I feel gods arms wrapped around me. Its so comforting! I do feel like I have handled this whole situation really well and I know its because of all the prayers being said. Today has been a much better day. Travyn's oxygen sats have gone down into the 40's and his liver enzymes have gone from 1400 to 250. Do you know what this means??? This means his liver is healing on it own. He is not out of the woods yet but soon to be. He woke up today when I got in his crib and I handed him a raddle and he grabbed it and was PLAYING with it. We haven't seen that for a while. My family and I were so thrilled and happy that our boy is hanging tough and getting better everyday.I contribute his wonderful progress to one thing and that is the 'POWER OF EACH PRAYER THAT IS BEING SAID ON BEHALF OF MY BABY BOY' How can I ever possibly thank you all for your love, faith, support and your heart felt prayers. I am so grateful for everyday with my boy and I still can see the day when I am leaving the hospital and taking my little Travyn home to where he was born. I am focusing on the big prize "CANCER FREE" and let me just tell you, WE ARE GOING TO HAVE THE BIGGEST PARTY EVER WHEN THAT DAY COMES!!!I will have the Ringling Brothers Circus there!! Thats how big its gonna be! LOL :)
Miracles DO HAPPEN!! and we witnessed one today!! :)
Thanks for your love and support!! We love you so much!! Please keep praying for my lil fighter! God has heard your prayers and he is still listening!!! :) Jesus loves you all and Jesus loves Tray!!!
God is good.....NO..... GOD IS GREAT!!!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One more battle!
Posted 11 hours ago
The Last couple of days have been the hardest days of our journey. We were moved to the PICU because of the fluid surrounding his tummy and intestines and because he started to run a fever. They were afraid he had an infection of some sort. They tested the fluid for infection and it came back negative. They drew some blood cultures to test for a blood infection and as of today NOTHING has grown. Thank you god!! They have done multiple test to see exactly whats going on in Travyn's body and why the fluid was accumulating. The test were coming back normal except one test they did on his liver. The test revealed that Travyns Liver Enzymes were extremly high. Liver enzymes are proteins that are produced to catalyzed chemical reactions needed for bodily funtions. High levels of these enzymes may indicate disease or damage. The Doctors ordered an ultrasound on his liver to see if he had a liver clot or any damage from the Chemo. The ultrasound didn't show a liver clot but it did show that his liver is slowly failing by a disease called "Veno Occlusive Disease" VOD- is a disease in the liver that causes the veins to contract and wont let the bodily fluids run through the liver correctly. This disease is VERY rare. This is caused by Chemo (cyclophasmide) they say it is one of the side effects. The doctor said in the 13 years he has been at primary Childrens, he has seen one case of this rare liver disease. He said that they have a medicine that can reverse it but he said it either can reverse it or it cant. However, Travyn didn't meet the criteria and im not sure exactly why. He said that it is not always permanet and in some cases it can get better on its own. When I heard this news I could not believe what I was hearing, I thought to myself "What next?" "and why my baby has another challenge to overcome" He still has one more dose for this cycle but they are laying off for awhile. But I refuse to let this get in our way of fighting this beast and I know Travyn WILL NOT let this take him down!!!! My faith is stronger then ever and God is still on our side holding us both and comforting my family. "WHAT DOESN'T KILL YOU, ONLY MAKES YOU STRONGER" right??? and I know the medicines will help Tray but more then that I BELIEVE THAT OUR FAITH IN GOD WILL HEAL MY BABY!!! I DO BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!Now for the good news, tonight they moved Travyn back up to the Penthouse (Oncology) floor where his cute room was waiting for him. I honestly think they saved his room for us because they didn't want to rent a Uhaul to move all his decorations and toys......lolHe is doing GREAT tonight! His enzymes are still high but God will take care of it. ITS IN HIS HANDS. :) GOD IS GREAT!!!!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

I got a message from Whitney on saturday afternoon. She was changing Travyn's diaper and noticed that his tummy was looking really bloated. She had the resident on duty take a look, but they told her that he was fine. Then the next day she get a phone call from the hospital saying that all of his fluids were draining into his abdomen and that he was going to have to go in for surgery. They did the surgery, but it he is still not doing well. They think he might have a blood infection. The took a sample of his blood to find out for sure. His imune system is really down due to the chemo. I haven't heard anything else today, but I'll let everyone know when I do. Please keep Tray in your thoughts and prayers today!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Hey everyone! Tonight is the night for Travyn's dodge ball game/fundraiser! It is at Dixie State College, not the Dixie Center like I thought previously.

Place: Dixie State College
225 S. 700 E.
(brown building-old gym)

Date: Today! March 27, 2009

Time: Registration is from 5:00-6:00
The game will start just after 6:00

Cost:$4 per person and will now have 25 peaople per team

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Shaving heads & smashings cars

Recent pictures of Travyn
Wednesday March, 25 2009
Posted 37 minutes ago

A quick update on our "Fighter" He is doing awesome!! He hasn't thrown up today and his spirits are high. He is playing and smiling. He is still alittle weak but like I said Travyn isn't going to let this bring him down. They gave him Vincristine (Chemo) Last night and they will wait 3-4 days until they give him it agian. Then its a wrap for Cycle #2. His blood counts are starting to drop. Once they reach 500, I have asked all the nurses and doctors to wear mask and gloves. (just incase)My baby is getting through this just fine. I knew he would!! God is by his side duh!!! :) Thanks for all your love and support. Please keep praying for my sweet boy! LOVE YOU ALL.

I posted alot of new pics! Check them out! I also posted the ones from ST. Baldricks. :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hey everyone! I just want to remind you all about the dodge ball game in honor of Travyn Shae Sinclair on Friday. It is for such a good cause. I really hope to see a lot of familiar faces there! For those of you who forgot here is a quick run down again.

Date: Friday-March 27, 2009
Place: Dixie Center
Cost: $4.00 per person, 6 people per team ($20 per team total) and it is all going to help Travyn and his family!

Even if you don't want to play dodge ball please come out and support Tray. All donations are appreciated greatly! Thank you all so much!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009
Posted 9 minutes ago
Hey everyone, Sorry its been a while since my last update, We have had a very busy weekend with our little boy. On Friday was a pretty good day.G-Pa left aroung noon and my sister Lindsey came up and hung out. We were able to take Travyn on a walk because his blood counts are still pretty high. Tray absolutely loved it. We took him outsude on the patio. The weather was perfect, the sun was out and the birds were churping. :) Travyn fell asleep so we went back to the room. Jayson got back in town around 10:00 pm. I am so glad he is back. Saturday wasn't a very good day. :(Travyn didn't feel to good. I had to go run some errands so Jayson stayed with Tray at the hospital. While I was gone Tray had his first choking episode. Since he has started Chemo agian he has been very congested and flemy. He started to throw-up and Jayson quickly sat him up. Nothing was coming out and then Jayson realized that Travyn wasn't breathing or crying so Jayson stood up and was patting him on his back. That wasn't helping so Jayson finger swipped his mouth and the back of his throat. He pulled out a ton of thick mucus. Travyn started to breath and cry. He pushed the Call Button for the nurse and nobody came. He kept pushing it and then walked out to grab the nurse. Well Jayson found out the call button was unplugged. We are thinking when House Keeping cleaned Tray's room they must have bumped it or somthing. When I returned to the Hospital, things were calm and peaceful. Tray was asleep in Daddy's arms. I kept looking at Travyn thinking to myself "Why does Travyn look so red?" So I called the nurse in and she didn't know why either, so she paged the resident. While we were waiting Travyn woke up and was very fussy. His heart rate was 200-205 he kept trying to throw up but it was just dry heaves. The resident came in and was very concerned because of how red Travyn was and cause of his high heart rate. I was very distraught and just hated seeing my precious baby go through this. I couldn't help but to cry. The charge nurse came in and had some Morphine to give him. They thought because of the high heart rate he was in pain. The Morphine semmed to really help. He calmed down and fell asleep. His heart rate went back to 160-165 but he still was really red and blotchy. The nurse thought it could be an allergic reaction from the Chemo, so they gave him some Benedryl. That helped with the redness a little bit. Sunday, Travyn had a really good day. G-pa Wayne came up and spent the day with him while we went to church. Travyn and Wayne had a really good day together. Travyn was happy and feeling good. He was still a little red and blothcy. The doctors had no idea what it was but wasn't too concerned. Today, Travyn is doing ok. He has thrown up twice but he's still smiling and happy. He is a little weak and doesn't kick and play as hard as before. Travyn is a fighter and he isn't going to let this bring him down. I love my little boy so much and I cannot wait for the day when I bring him back to St. George. I STILL CAN SEE THAT DAY SO WELL!!!! God is still by his side and still comforts me and my whole family through this rough trial. The poem I posted earlier my dad found. That is truly how I feel and what I believe. My dad could not have found a better poem!!! Thanks Dad :)As for me and Jayson we are doing great! We are hanging tough, We could not do this without you guys and your wonderful prayers. We love you all so much. PLEASE KEEP TRAY IN YOUR HEART AND PRAYERS!!! WE CONTINUE EVERYDAY TO PRAY FOR YOU!!!
The Chosen Mothers.
Posted 1 hour ago

The Chosen Mothers

Most women become a mother by accident, some by choice and a few by habit.Did you ever wonder how mothers of children with life threatening illnesses are chosen?

Somehow I visualize God hovering over earth selecting His instuments for propagation with care and deliberation...as He observes, He instructs His Angels to make notes in a giant ledger......

"Armstrong,Beth, a son" - "Forrest, Marjorie, a daughter" - "Rutledge, Carrie, twins".

Finally He passes a name to an Angel and says " Give her a child with cancer." The Angel is curious..."Why this one God? She is so happy."

"Exactly," smiles God, " Could I give a child with Cancer a Mother who does not know laughter?

That would be cruel."

"But, does she have patience?" asks the Angel.

" I don't want her too have too much patience or she will drown in a sea of self-pity and despair. Once the shock and resentment wear off, she will handle it."

"I watched her today," said God. "She has that feeling of self-confidence that is so rare and nessesary in a Mother. You see, the child I'm going to give her has his own world. She has to make him live in her world and thats not going to be easy."

"But Lord, I don't think she believes in you," said the Angel. " No matter, I can fix that. This one is perfect, She has enough selfishness."

The Angel gasps, "Selishness! is that a virtue?"

God nods. " If she can't separate herself from the child occasionally, she'll never survive. Yes here is the woman I will bless with this child. She dosen't realize it yet, but she is to be envied. She will never take anything her child does for granted. She will never consider a single step ordinary. I will permit her to see the things I see....ignorance, cruelty, prejudice...and allow her to rise above them."

(written by Erma Bombeck)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009
Posted 14 minutes ago
Just a quick update on Tray's progress. He is doing wonderful!! He got alittle sick earlier and threw up but after that he was a new little man. They are waiting till tomorrow to give him his next dose of Chemo. The Methotrexate isn't completly out of his system and they need to make sure it is completly out before they start again. I cant get over how resilant babies are. It just blows my mind. I have said this several times but, I really dont think I could ever go through what Travyn has gone through. MAN!! He is a strong boy. I truly believe that God picks the strongest people to go through such rough trials. God is good!! I will keep you updated when he starts his next round. Please keep praying for my sweet boy!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 2 On Cycle #2
Posted 2 hours ago
Travyn had a really good night considering he recieved Chemo. He woke up this morning and threw up a little. They gave him some Ativan to help with the nausea and he has been fine all day. He has been playing and giggling and we are lovin every minute of it. :DThey gave Travyn 2 different kinds of Chemo yesterday. The first one was Vincristine which is pushed into his central line quickly and the 2nd one is called Methotrexate that runs over a 4 hr drip. He received both of these on his first cycle. The one thing I forgot to mention in last update is that the decrease this cycle by 10%. They are thinking since he got an infection last time they can decrease the chemo this cycle and be ok. Which to me is great!!The Methotrexate is the scary one. It causes mouth sores and they can go all the way through his G-I Tract. Last time Travyn got the sores really bad in his mouth and got a really bad diaper rash. This is called "Mucotitis" The crazy thing is that right when it gets in his body they want it out as soon as possible. I guess it's that potient to do the job that quick...WOW!!!! somthing that I learned from one of my favorite nurses is, a long time ago they use to inject the chemo into a vein in the arm. Well, this girl came in to receive her Chemo and when they were injecting here arm with Chemo the needle went through the vein and they pushed the Chemo into the tissue of her arm. Well today that arm has very little movement. The Chemo killed the tissue and the muscles. and thats why they place the Central Line thats goes in his chest and the thread it up to his Juguler and from his Juguler they thread it down to his heart so when they give these kids Chemo it goes strait in the vein. Research has shown that Chemo cant hurt the veins. Im not trying to scare you guys that story happened a long time ago. It just shows you how powerful Chemo is.Tomorrow Travyn will recieve his 2nd dose of Chemo. Which will be VP-16 amd Cyclophosphamide. If I remember correctly the Cyclophosamide is very damaging to the bladder so they will give him a Rescue medicine called Mesna. The Mesna coats the bladder so it can protect it from bleeding. They will watch his urine output very closly to make sure he doesn't pee blood. As for now, our Fighter is doing fantastic. He is still Mr. Puff from all the fluids. Its so darn cute!! I will keep on updating you on his progress. My sweet baby boy is sleeping right now so I better get ready for some Physical Therapy for when he wakes up. Thanks for all your uplifting messages. I look forward to reading them.....

About St. Baldricks, It was so much fun! About 20 people shaved there heads. Even 5 women did. one was a 15 year old Cheerleader. WOW, talk about guts!! I think its so great. I got alot of pictures. Jayson took his camera back to Ceadr City yesterday but I will get them on Friday and post them. You guys are gonna love them. They had a car that was donated by ACME and they wrote all over it "CANCER SUCKS" and we took turns hitting it with a sledge hammer. It was a blast!!!
Chemo Cycle #2 has begun!!!
Posted 11 hours ago
Today is Tuesday and its about 10:30 at night. We have had a really busy day today, but its all been so positive. Travyn started his 2nd cycle of Chemotherapy today at 6:00 pm. They started him out on alot of fluids first so when he receives the Chemo he can pee it out quickly. They dont want the Chemo to stay in his body for too long becuase the potientcy is so agressive and it can be very damaging to certain parts of the body. He was so cute though, he looked lke the "Michillan Man" He was so swollen and puffy from the fluids, I just wanted to squeeze him. I was so nerveous and scared for this cycle to begin. I dont think i am physically ready for all the side effects from Chemo to affect my sweet boy. Travyn has been so happy the past 2 weeks. He has been a different baby. He just loves life and loves to tease and play with everyone. He is a happy 6 month old baby!!! As a parent it just breaks my heart to see what he has gone through and knowing what comes with the Chemo side effects of not feeling good, nauseated and feeling weak. But I know i am mentally ready and I know God is watching over him and wont let him suffer to much. Travyn is not just a little 6 month old baby. He is a 6 month old that has this determined look in his eye telling me that he is going to be Ok and not to cry anymore cause im scared. Im not kidding, Travyn brings more comfort in my life then anything has. He is a FIGHTER and he is fighting this and taking charge of his little body. When I look at Travyn in the eyes, I am thinking of the Chemo just eating away the tumor and doing its job. I think about this daily!!! My baby is so strong and I know that he will get through this just fine.My Mom's friend told her a story about her niece who was diagnosed with a rare cancer and had to go through Chemo for a very long time. She was only 4 years old. She told her Mommy that she was never alone. Someone was always holding her hand. She described him as a Beautiful Man!!! This is SO comforting to me because I believe that Heavenly Father is holding my little boy in his arms when I can not be with him. Even though my heart feels so shattered the peace and comfort can be so overwhelming at times and i know where this comes from. I feel so very blessed to have this feeling.I will keep you updated on his daily progress. I better go try and get some sleep tomorrow is a BIG day and I need to be on top of my game for my precious baby boy!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Good News.
Posted Mar 13, 2009 10:46pm
Today has been a really good and positive day. We FINALLY got Travyn's MRI results back. I can't even begin to tell you how Blessed we feel with his results. My hope and strength are so high and I know that today was just a confirmation from God that he has Travyn in his hands and he isn't going anywhere. :)The Doctor came in around 5:00 pm to talk to us about the results. She said the Nuero Surgeons where very pleased with how the remaining tumor looks. She said there has been no re-growth of the tumor and what was left in has DECREASED IN SIZE!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!! Is that not the best news??? That means the tumor IS responding to the Chemotherapy and literally disolving out of my baby's body. Travyn has completed one cycle of Chemo. ONE!!! Just think when he completes 5 or 6. That "C" word is going to be GONE!!!!! "CANCER FREE" "CANCER FREE" "CANCER FREE" "CANCER FREE" "CANCER FREE" "CANCER FREE"I feel so blessed and im so grateful with those awesome results. We are on our way to being "CANCER FREE" I just want to thank all of you for your Prayers. They have been heard. Please keep praying for my sweet baby boy, that the tumor continues to respond to the Chemo and leave his little body.I am going to go home now and sleep very well. Travyn has had another great day. He has been so happy and just LOVES to flirt with the nurses. He is so funny!!! lol We had some Physical Therapy today and he is getting stronger and stronger everyday. Tomorrow is the St. Baldricks Event. They will be honoring Travyn in it and we are so excited to go. Jayson is going to shave his head with all the other Shavees to support Chemo Patients. My sister Ashleigh had some T-Shirts made up that say "FIGHTER" on the back. They are so cute. I will post pics of the event when I get back.

Friday, March 13, 2009

No MRI Results Yet.
Posted 16 hours ago
Its about 7:30 pm on Thursday and we have yet to received Travyn's MRI results. They told us that Travyn was gonna get his MRI done around 8:00 in the morning but that changed. They finally came in at 4:00 pm to get us. Right before they came my Dad gave Travyn a beautiful blessing. Travyn was a little fussy before his MRI because they stopped his feeds last night at 2:00 am and he was STARVING!! It was like the blessing really calmed him down and relaxed his little belly. My precious baby passed out in his Daddy's arms as we walked downstairs to the MRI unit. :) When we got there they hooked Tray up to the machine to take his vitals. As we were waiting the Doctor came and asked us if we wanted to watch while Travyn got his MRI done. I was so HAPPY that he asked us becuase I did not want to leave him, so I told him "YES" We walk in this huge room with this HUGE machine that takes the MRI, and again was intimidated by the technology and computers. So they get Travyn sedated and put him on this long bench that slides into this tunnel of this HUGE machine. The nurse said "Here, Your going to need these" I looked to see what he was giving us and they were EAR PLUGS! lol I looked at him laughing and said "WHY?" thinking we were going to be in the little room behind the glass with him. But NOPE, We were going to be in the same room with This HUGE, LOUD machine and tiny Travyn. The nurse said well this machine is very loud and it takes about 45 min. I was thinking to myself. OK, this shouldn't be too bad!! So they walk out and shut the door and walked into there little room with a window so they could watch Tray.Me, Jayson and my Dad sat down and waited for this to be over. The MRI started and IT WAS SO LOUD!!!! IT SOUNDED LIKE A SPACE SHUTTLE AND TECHNO MUSIC TOGETHER. OH MY GOSH!!! My heart was beating so fast and I kept looking in this little tunnel where Travyn was, thinking Oh, Baby please dont wake up. PLEASE STAY ASLEEP!! So 30 minutes pass and the doctor walks in while this LOUD machine was still going. He had a surrenge in his hand with medicine in it. He reached in the tunnel and put this medicine into Tray's Central Line. He got out threw the surrenge away, looked at us and smiled and said "Almost Done" well it didn't seem like we were almost done. 30 minutes later we got down and we all had a massive head ache from this loud space shuttle that played techno music. OMG, I had the worst headache.I asked the doctor what that medicine was that he gave Tray during the MRI. He said "while I was injecting it into his Central Line We took pictures of his brain. The Medicine is suppose to run through his whole body and up to his brain and react. So we take pictures to see all the reaction of the brain" WOOOOW!! So we got down and went back up to his room while we waited for the Doctor to come in and tell us the results we have been dying to hear. The Doctor walks in and says "I dont have results Yet" But we will have them tomorrow" :( she talked to us more on Trays progress and then left his room. So when we get the results back tomorrow, I will update you!! PROMISE!! But other then that long story, Travyn is doing awesome still. Loving his little life so so so much. Talking, growling, squilling, squirmming. They are planning on strating Chemo tomorrow. But ya never know here :) That can ALWAYS change.....

Thursday, March 12, 2009

MRI Tomorrow
Posted 18 hours ago
Hay Guys, this is going to be a quick update. They haven't started chemo quite yet, his platelets need to be over 100,000 and they are only 40,000 so we will wait until they come back on there own. Platelets are what clot your blood. They are not like the white cells that fight infection. They think the stem-cell collection drained him and everything needs to be perfect to start chemo. They will hopefully be starting chemo later this week.They have decided to do an MRI tomorrow morning!!!!! To see how the tumor looks and if we have made progress after the first round of chemo. This will be the first MRI since surgery so lets all pray and fast that there is signifigant improvment or even NO sign of tumor. Tray is still very playful and continued physical therapy today on his matt. Jayson and I let him lay on the matt with all his toys where he rolls around grabbing everything and talking. He likes all his nurses and flirts with all the ladies and they all love taking care of him. Jayson found his funny spot and tickels his bare belly to which Travyn will laugh and giggle, its the cutest thing to watch. He also likes to growl and yell in his high pitched voice when he is getting attention, which is all the time.I will update you all tomorrow after we get the results of his MRI.
Thank you so much for your continued love, prayers, and support we couldn't get through this without you
May God bless you with whatever you stand in need of and let the Lord shower you with his unconditional love.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stem Cell Collection.
Posted 16 hours ago
I just want to start this off by telling you all how GREAT Travyn is doing!!! He is a different little boy then when he was on Chemo. He is WILD! He is talking, growling, wiggling, squirming, and just being a 6 month old little boy. :) We are so happy with the way things have gone the past few days. We are truly blessed that Travyn is feeling happy and doing so well with his progress after his first cycle of Chemotherapy. Travyn's Blood count droppeed completely to zero and wasn't feeling to good. They started to give him "Neupogen" injections every night for 2 weeks. "Neupogen" is a man-made form of a protein that stimulates the growth of white blood cells in your body. White blood cells help your body fight against infection.Neupogen is used to treat neutropenia, a lack of certain white blood cells caused by cancer, bone marrow transplant, receiving chemotherapy, or by other conditions. Travyn's Blood count jumped through the roof the past week and the Doctor's were so impressed with his progress and they felt very confident it was time for his "Stem Cell Collection" (which is great news) yesterday they put in the collection catheter. They sedated him for about an hour. The line was placed in his right groin femoral vein. They stich it in so he cant kick it out and becuase it is in such a large vein.They told me yesterday morning before they started, that they were positive that they would collect enough Stem Cells in this procedure and that they wouldn't have to come back and they could remove the catheter later that night. So I was really happy to hear that. The catheter was pretty big and it looked very uncomrtable for Tray.They hooked the catheter up to an Apheresis Machine which slowly withdrew his blood from his little body and returned it to him after the Stem Cells were collected. They had to prime the machine first with a unit of blood because Travyns body is way too small. It would have sucked all of his blood out of him before it could return it. so he did get 1 unit of blood yesterday. This machine was so intimidating and was so interesting how it would seperate his blood and knew what was what. WOW!!! It had 2 bags hanging from the top of it. One bag would collect his plasma and the other would collect his Stem Cells. The Stem Cell Collection procedure was 5 1/2 hours long. They gave him calcium the whole time so he didn't run too low on calcium and that helped to prevent nausea. They rolled the Apherisis Machine into his room which was convinent and 2 nice ladys stayed in the room while the machine collected. It was very loud and I couldn't wait until it was over. They finished around 5 and packed up and left. One of the Stem Cell Ladys told me they will go back to the lab and thats where they will count the Stem cells and once they obtained the appropriate amount, the collection will be Complete. Well that wasn't the case, we got his count results back and they didn't quite have enough Stem Cells to complete the procedure. They said they were going to have to come back in the morning and do it all over agian. They didn't know why the machine didn't collect enough. I asked if it had to do with Travyn and his Blood Count and they said No and it had somthing to do with the machine. Well They had to keep the catheter in one night :( but it wasn't that bad. They came this morning set all up again and primed the machine with another unit of blood (so #2 unit of blood this week for tray) they did it all over agian. They ran the machine a little faster today so it only took 3 1/2 hours then they packed up and left. Well we just got the results back and the collected 28.2 million Stem Cells and they only needed 15 million....lol AMAZING!!My boy is such a stud!!! :)They will now divide the stem cells into 6 different bags and Harvest them (Freeze Them) and then after his high doses of chemo then they will thaw out his Stem Cells and replace them in his blood to help replenish his bone marrow. :) STEM CELL COLLECTION COMPLETE!!!!They are now getting ready to remove his catheter.....YIPEEE!!!They are thinking they will start his next cycle of Chemo TOMMORROW!! I know Scary!!! Right???? Other then that things are going GREAT. Tray is doing amazing and for myself, im doing alot better then the past couple of days. Its a rollar coaster ride that i've never been on before in my life. But im managing and getting along just fine. Jayson came back from Cedar last night. Im so glad he is back I missed him so much. He helps me out alot with Tray so im grateful He is back. Grandpa came up today and Im also very grateful he is here. I HAVE THE MOST AMAZING FAMILY EVER!!!
And to everyone else Thank you so much for your love and support!! I love you all so so very much. Your messages give me strength and encourage me not to give up hope!!! I WILL ALWAYS HAVE HOPE FOR MY SON!!! AND I STILL CAN SEE THE DAY WHEN I AM TAKING TRAY HOME TO ST. GEORGE.....CANCER FREE!!!!!!!