Friday, August 7, 2009

Travyn's Blood Counts Hit ZERO Today!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 2 hours ago
Hey Friends and Family, I just wanted to write a quick update to let you all know how our Little Fighter is doing and where he is at with his Blood Counts. Well, they have hit ZERO today and now its time for "Travyn's Rules" lol....I have asked all the nurses to put on Gloves and Masks before coming in Tray's room. I put up a sign that says "No Vistiors" I kinda feel bad about putting that sign up because Travyn loves to have visitors and I have some great friends that come and visit us on a regular basis. But I have to do WHATEVER it takes to protect my baby boy. His life is in MY hands and I will protect him til the end. His Blood Counts should be up in no time at all (about a week) and we would love to have you come visit then.
Travyn is doing so good. He is such a smerty pants. I taught him how to wave so thats his new thing for the week. lol. He is so much fun to be with and all the nurses just adore Travyn. He is a little flirt!!! I dont know where he gets it but all I know is Im going to be in big trouble when he gets older. He is going to be a Lady's Man!!!!!!!!!!!! Travyn is my bestfriend, My hero, My little fighter, my stud muffin, My Prince, My Soldier, I could go on and on...............TRAVYN IS MY BRAVE BABY BOY!!!He is doing such a great job at fighting this awful beast and I am so proud of this little bugger!!! Travyn, Mommy loves you and CONTINUES to be right here by your side. Dont you worry little guy, everything is going to be OK........:)Travyn turned 11 months old yesterday. Can you believe he is going to be a year old in a month????? WOW, where did time go???? Travyn has been battling this beast for longer then he has been on this Earth....WOOOOW!!!
We are still focusing on the prize and the prize is My Sweet little Boy being CANCER FREE!!!!!!!!!!Thank you all for your love and support....We love you all so much and cant thank you enough for everything.And For those of you that go to the Temple or participate in Prayer Circles, I would very much appreciate if you would put Travyn Shae Sinclair's name on the Prayer Roll/List.
Thank you,Whitney

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