Monday, August 24, 2009

Last and Final cycles
Posted 16 hours ago
Well it's Sunday afternoon and we've been back at the hospital since Friday for our last and final chemo cycle and last and final stem cell replacement. Can you hardly believe it? I can't! We are nearing the finish line for good. I'm sorry i haven't written before now but I haven't had a spare moment. My little bugger is taking a napper so I thought I would try to hurry and fit one in. So this is where we are at. He began chemo on Friday shortly after we got admitted. It is the exact same chemo as the last two cycles.He had another dose on Saturday and today is his rest day. You would never know today is suppose to be his rest day. He has not stopped going.All he wants to do is play play and more play. Oh, and dance for ahma. It is so funny! As soon as music comes on they immediatley look at each other and they both start dancing. I love to see my little boy so happy but I do know the effects of chemo are soon to come. I don't even want to say that but i know it's reality.I know if I just stay positive and turn everything over to God he will take care of us.Well my litle buggers just woke up and needs a bath!
Please keep my precious little boy in your thoughts and prayers that theday will come that they will announce "YOUR LITTLE BOY IS CANCER FREE!"We love you all so much!!!

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