Monday, August 24, 2009

Last and Final cycles
Posted 16 hours ago
Well it's Sunday afternoon and we've been back at the hospital since Friday for our last and final chemo cycle and last and final stem cell replacement. Can you hardly believe it? I can't! We are nearing the finish line for good. I'm sorry i haven't written before now but I haven't had a spare moment. My little bugger is taking a napper so I thought I would try to hurry and fit one in. So this is where we are at. He began chemo on Friday shortly after we got admitted. It is the exact same chemo as the last two cycles.He had another dose on Saturday and today is his rest day. You would never know today is suppose to be his rest day. He has not stopped going.All he wants to do is play play and more play. Oh, and dance for ahma. It is so funny! As soon as music comes on they immediatley look at each other and they both start dancing. I love to see my little boy so happy but I do know the effects of chemo are soon to come. I don't even want to say that but i know it's reality.I know if I just stay positive and turn everything over to God he will take care of us.Well my litle buggers just woke up and needs a bath!
Please keep my precious little boy in your thoughts and prayers that theday will come that they will announce "YOUR LITTLE BOY IS CANCER FREE!"We love you all so much!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Home Sweet Home!!!
Posted Aug 15, 2009 11:13pm
We made it home everybody and boy does it feel good!!!!!!!!!! The Bone Marrow Doctors were so impressed with how fast Travyn was in and then out of the hospital. Travyn pulled through this cycle with flying colors. No infections, No complications, just the expected nausea and vomiting that comes with the territory of Chemotherapy. Just liked we prayed for. We are so proud of our little bugger and I wish he could see how everyone including the Doctors and Nurses are so proud too. He just looks at me like "Mom, whats all the big fuss about??" But dont get me wrong, Travyn has his good days and his BAD days, and for me it is a rollar coaster ride I have never been on. But, it's almost over and I am ready to get off the ride...... I believe there is nothing harder then to watch your sweet baby battle such a horrible disease and I use to ask "Why me??" but all that would do is take me down into deeper despair. But, when I stopped asking "Why me?" and asking myself "What am I suppose to learn from this?" now im starting to somewhat understand why God has dealt me this hand. I know that might sound weird but what I have learned form this and the blessing that I have received are beyond belief. I once heard a saying that "BEAUTIFUL GIFTS COME IN UGLY PACKAGES" I wouldnt wish this trial on any Mother but there has been so much good come out of this and I have grown so much!!!! We all think to ourselves "Oh, that would never happen to me" or "My kid would never ________" and to be honest thats what I thought. But the rug was pulled right from underneath me and I woke up. Just when you think things couldnt be better, you hear the most devastating news of your life. It either makes you or breaks you!!!!! But with the power of our Heavenly Father for he will not give you too much that you cant handle. And as for Travyn, I believe God doesnt let these precious little babies suffer too much...Our almighty God is on our side and I know that my family is closer to him then we ever have been, and our familes bond is stronger then it ever has been. Its unbreakable!!!!!!! Words cant express how much I love my family and I would do ANYTHING for them because they have done everything for me and they continue to fight this battle right along with us. My family ROCKS!!!!
More about Travyn, we are home for 1 week and then on Friday we go back in for his LAST AND FINAL CYCLE OF CHEMOTHERPAY AND 3RD STEM-CELL REPLACMENT!!! as I am writing this the tears are starting to fall fast because I cant believe we are near the end and my sweet strong baby boy has made it ALMOST to the finish line.....I am so proud of him!!!! Travyn you are a stud and what a little fighter you are!!!!You never know, He might just be completed with treatment before his FIRST BIRTHDAY which is sept, 6thWhat a celebration we will have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Travyn's Blood Counts Hit ZERO Today!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 2 hours ago
Hey Friends and Family, I just wanted to write a quick update to let you all know how our Little Fighter is doing and where he is at with his Blood Counts. Well, they have hit ZERO today and now its time for "Travyn's Rules" lol....I have asked all the nurses to put on Gloves and Masks before coming in Tray's room. I put up a sign that says "No Vistiors" I kinda feel bad about putting that sign up because Travyn loves to have visitors and I have some great friends that come and visit us on a regular basis. But I have to do WHATEVER it takes to protect my baby boy. His life is in MY hands and I will protect him til the end. His Blood Counts should be up in no time at all (about a week) and we would love to have you come visit then.
Travyn is doing so good. He is such a smerty pants. I taught him how to wave so thats his new thing for the week. lol. He is so much fun to be with and all the nurses just adore Travyn. He is a little flirt!!! I dont know where he gets it but all I know is Im going to be in big trouble when he gets older. He is going to be a Lady's Man!!!!!!!!!!!! Travyn is my bestfriend, My hero, My little fighter, my stud muffin, My Prince, My Soldier, I could go on and on...............TRAVYN IS MY BRAVE BABY BOY!!!He is doing such a great job at fighting this awful beast and I am so proud of this little bugger!!! Travyn, Mommy loves you and CONTINUES to be right here by your side. Dont you worry little guy, everything is going to be OK........:)Travyn turned 11 months old yesterday. Can you believe he is going to be a year old in a month????? WOW, where did time go???? Travyn has been battling this beast for longer then he has been on this Earth....WOOOOW!!!
We are still focusing on the prize and the prize is My Sweet little Boy being CANCER FREE!!!!!!!!!!Thank you all for your love and support....We love you all so much and cant thank you enough for everything.And For those of you that go to the Temple or participate in Prayer Circles, I would very much appreciate if you would put Travyn Shae Sinclair's name on the Prayer Roll/List.
Thank you,Whitney

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back at Primary Childrens for cycle #4 and Stem-Cell Replacment #2.
Posted 3 hours ago
Hey everyone, Sorry I haven't written sooner but I have been a little under the weather. I will explain that later in my update. So we did get to go home on Jul, 20 and we had a week and a half of pure bliss at home!!! Travyn was such joy to be around. Always so happy and loved every minute of being out of the hospital. The only time Tray really got sick and threw up was when he was moved around alot or if Daddy played to hard with him. :) But our stay at home was short lived and we were admitted back to Primary's on Friday Jul, 31 at 9:00 a.m.The 3 week break we were told we were getting turned out to be cut in half. lol we kinda knew this was gonna happen. Its Hospitals for ya!!!!!! But thats OK cause the sooner we Start the SOONER WE FINISH TREATMENT, AND THE SOONER MY LITTLE TRAY MAN WILL BE CANCER FREE!!!!! Our eyes are on the prize and the prize is Cancer Free!!!!!They didnt waste anytime getting started once we got admitted, and by 7:00 last night Travyn was all done and ready for his first bath. Baby Tray is getting the exact same 2 chemos as cycle #3. The "Carboplatin" and "Theiotepa" The Theiotepa is the scary one!!! It secretes through his skin and like I mentioned in my last updates he will need to be bathed 3 times a day to wash the chemo that has secreted through his skin off and will need oral care done 4 times a day to prevent mouth sores. Ahma (My Mom) went and bought Baby Tray a little Ducky Bath Tub. It is the CUTEST thing ever and Tarvyn just LOVES it!!!! You can squeeze its beak and it Tray doesnt know what to think, but all we know is he just loves it when I pull it out for his bath time 4 TIMES A DAY.Tomorrow is Trayn's Rest Day and on Monday he will have his #2 Stem-Cell Replacment. I cant wait for my Mom to experience this one with me. She was out of town for the first one. It is so different from everything we have experienced and smells different those of you that dont remember the stem-cells are mixed with a perservative called DMSO which penetrates the stem-cells into the bone marrow which will make TRAVYN STINK!!!! BIG DEAL!!!!! We can handle our little boy smelling like V-8 Juice will probably be at the hospital the same amount of time as last time as long as there is NO complications. Please pray for our little Fighter that everything will be okay and that he will get through this cycle with flying colors..Your prayers are so important to our family and are so much appreciated. Thank you from Jayson and I and our entire family. We love you all so much and continue to pray for you all daily.... :)
Now back to why I havent been feeling to well.......Well, I guess our Heavenly Father has put his trust in me with another one of his children. JAYSON AND I ARE EXPECTING OUR 2ND CHILD ON FEBUARY 6TH 2010.It was unexpected but we are very excited and it only confirms that God has a plan for Jayson, Trayvn and I, and that everything will be OKAY!!!! Travyn is going to be the best Big Brother anyone could have....We heard the heartbeat on thursday and Jayson and I were thrilled. We are truly blessed....God is GOOD!!!!
Thank you all for your love and continued support!!!!!
Love you all,Whitney