Monday, July 13, 2009

3rd cycle of Chemo and first Stem-Cell Replacment COMPLETE!!!!
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Today is Monday July, 13th. Travyn had a really good weekend, he has been so happy and playful. Ahma (my mom) came up on saturday and sunday and spent the whole day with Travyn and I. Travyn was SOOOO happy to see her. It was the cutest thing ever. Everytime he see's Ahma he always starts clapping his hands and he puts his arms out and reaches for her. I love it when he reaches for me and wants me to hold him. It makes you feel so wanted. lol :) Travyn has been so happy and he acts like he hasnt even received any Chemo. When I look at him its like his strength is telling me that NOTHING can take him down, NOTHING!!! He is so strong and brave. :) The Bone Marrow Doctors have been waiting for his counts to drop. But instead they have been going up. 3 days ago they went from 3600 to 6000. The Doctors said that they were sure that was a mistake because they have never heard of that before. Well, today Baby Tray's Blood Counts have dropped from 3400 to 0.2 :( its so scary when they drop. This is when you really need to just let go and let God. Travyn is so happy still and what a wild little bear he is!!! lol. He makes me laugh so hard. It is SO much different this time around in the hospital with Tray. He is into everything and he has to be playing with somthing and has to eat everything I eat and he wont cuddle with me anymore :( im lucky if I get to hold him for a minute before he starts wiggling out of my arms. lol.. Last time he was in the hospital for 3 months, Travyn would just lay in bed or lay in my arms. Those days long gone!!! The days are so much fun now and I just cant get enough of the joy and happiness my son brings to my life. It is truly an amazing feeling and I love every minute of it. I taught Travyn "Peek-A-Boo" yesterday. He will take his blankie and lift it up by his face and then pull it down real fast with the biggest smile on his face. IT SO DARN CUTE!!! He is so smart and Im so impressed with how fast he learns things. He is a blessing and a miracle.........Now from here we just wait until his counts come back up to at least 500 and then we get to go home for 3 weeks. YAY!!!! CANT WAIT....We wont be going back to St. George because we want to stay close incase anything happens and we have to take him back to primarys. Jayson and I are looking for an apartment for the time being. We are not sure what are plans are when Travyn is done with treatment but we do know that we cant wait for that day....We are taking it day by day, minute by minute.I still have my vision of Travyn running home from school with his back-pack on swinging from side to side....Its as clear as day!!!!
I want to thank all of you for your amazing love and continued support. The prayers that have been said on behalf of Travyn have been heared and answered and I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. You have NOOO idea how much they all mean to us. We love each and everyone of you and may God bless you all for praying and supporting our baby and family. PLEASE KEEP ON PRAYING FOR OUR PRECIOUS MIRACLE BOY!!!

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